Wonder Lake Software

Specializing in data integration, API development, search, and healthcare-related projects, Wonder Lake Software provides system architecture consulting and custom application development services to help clients implement efficient, secure, and reliable software solutions.


Ted Bashor brings over 25 years of software architecture and development experience from work at startups, Fortune 500 companies, and academic research institutions. Ted was a founding member of the Extricity engineering team which created one of the first Java-based business workflow and data integration products. At Knowledge Industries he helped build Bayesian Network expert system tools for performing medical and capital equipment diagnostics. At BEA Systems, he was a member of the WebLogic Workshop group creating a new development environment for applications deployed to Weblogic Server. He has worked on a variety of projects at medical research institutions, such as Harvard Medical School and OHSU, integrating biomedical ontologies to enhance search, data entry, analysis, and display. He has provided architectural expertise to corporate clients implementing the MuleSoft platform for their critical data integration and API development initiatives.

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